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We currently have swiss style screw machine capabilities, as well as, automatic screw machine processes.  Multiple spindle equipment allows us to manufacture with short cycle times while maintaining demanding tolerances.

Our close relationship with a local screw machine equipment supplier gives us a definite edge when it comes to product launches.  This relationship allows expeditious tool up times and even provides an extremely short acquisition time when equipment is purchased.  This "inside track", in conjunction with our inherent agility,makes us unbeatable when it comes to product launches.

Our stamping operations are up to 70 tons.  We can stamp, draw, or form a variety of materials and material forms.  From the ordinary to the extraordinary, we have the expertise to succeed.

Our CNC Plasma Cutter gives us the flexibility to quickly produce your product with minimal lead time.  It also affords us the technological edge for producing rapid prototype products, as well as, the cost effective advantage of producing low volume production at a fraction of the investment of stamping operations.

We are experienced assemblers.  With the knowledge and experience to design robust assembly processes, we can perform a multitude of assembly operations from simple hand processes to complex automated processes.  We are your assembly experts!