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Our employees have been trained in implementing and operating with lean systems.  From our manufacturing processes to our business processes, we strive to eliminate waste and streamline all processes.  "Lean" isn't something we just talk about, it's something that we live on a daily basis.  For us, "Lean" is a philosophy rather than a project.  That philosophical stance insures a fully integrated and sustainable approach in every facet of our business.

We are staffed with trained and experienced employees in the Six Sigma tools.  We maintain certified Six Sigma Black Belt expertise on staff.  This expert level problem solving resource not only allows us to attack the most complicated issues, but also keeps our employee skill levels at a premium.

We are firm believers in the ability to manage factory operations through simple visual methods.  This "at a glance" approach allows any employee an instant status of a process with a simple walk through and promotes a true ownership ability across the organization.

As a basic tool to Visual Factory Management, our 5-S program forms the foundation of organization of the facility.  Our employees understand the necessity of these methods from the onset of employment.  The sense of pride throughout our organization is very clear through the rigorous attention our employees pay to these methods.

  • Sorting - Everything is reviewed and only the essentials are kept.
  • Straightening - Everything is set in order and available in a manner to promote work flow.
  • Sweeping / Shining - Systematic cleanliness becomes a daily activity.
  • Standardizing - Standardized work practices become the norm... everyone knows what to do.
  • Sustaining - Focus is on maintaining the previous 4S's